Money makes the world go round. It’s true. So to continue our growth, success and commercial viability, we need to be on top of our finances. That means having a world-class Financial Services team. One that can provide the financial expertise necessary to ensure our business delivers all its financial targets and strategic objectives.

Financial Services – Head Office

Shop Direct is one of the largest non-bank lenders in the UK. Our financial services business quite literally enables us to ‘make good things easily accessible to more people’. We offer our customers a variety of products, from a range of credit options to extended warranties and insurance products. We’re also constantly developing our market-leading range of credit and insurance products in response to changing customer demand.

We’re the people who make sure that all Shop Direct products are fully compliant and in-line with Financial Conduct Authority regulations and we’re highly committed to responsible lending and treating customers fairly. In fact, over the last couple of years, we’ve been recognised for our work in this area with Credit Today’s award for corporate social responsibility.

As you’d expect from an operation of our size and scale, we’ve many different specialist divisions you can join. These include: insurance, underwriting, fraud prevention and operational risk.


Our insurance team covers 3 main areas – product, pricing and governance. We focus on protecting our customers and their purchases from the unforeseen or unexpected. And the figures prove we’re actually pretty good at it!

Last year we helped more than 40,000 customers by paying a claim on their insurance policy. We also protected over 350K new customer purchases by providing a warranty. And, through paying warranty claims, we supplied over 900 new TV’s that, if we put together end to end, would measure more than ½ mile long. Pretty interesting stuff!

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Credit Risk

We make responsible lending decisions and help customers when they need us. How? By using industry-leading software to build predictive models, which we then apply to all stages of the credit life-cycle – from account application and credit limit setting to order decisions, fraud prevention, and arrears collection/account rehabilitation.

We care passionately about the customer and this strong ethic makes sure we always balance the best outcome for the customer with that for the business. So, if you’ve a curious mind combined with a strong analytical background join us and embark on a career to be proud of.

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Credit Products

One of the largest credit providers in the UK, we exist to give our customers relevant and accessible payment options through a responsible range of products. Providing the best products to our customers at the right time, we’re on a journey to becoming world class. In fact, we’re committed to driving credit innovation and setting the industry benchmark for quality and relevance.

Our customers, and their wants and needs, are at the heart of everything we do. And, we take our responsibility to offer clear, fair and transparent products very seriously. So perhaps it’s no wonder that an order is placed on credit with us every 1.6 seconds.

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Operational Risk & Compliance

Compliance helps Shop Direct to identify and mitigate regulatory risk. We also protect the business from regulatory censure and protect our brands and reputation. We do this through a number of risk management routines. For example, we manage of in excess of 50 regulations that impact Shop Direct. And this year alone, we’ll make sure that the business complies with in excess of 1000 rules.

It all sounds incredibly complex and serious. And, let’s face it – what we do is a big deal. But, join our talented team and you’ll also be one of 37 dedicated professionals, who comply by day and then party by night!

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